A herd of cattle walk in front of a man on a horse.

Ranch Profitability

Challenge 1. Limited availability of ranch scale economic assessments. 

Our Approach: To address this challenge, the Center will conduct in-depth case studies of successful ranching operations using Beef Cattle Standard Performance Analysis and rancher interviews to comprehensively evaluate operational profitability. Additionally, ranchers across the state continually expressed interest in learning from successful ranching operations and a willingness to share success stories with others. Therefore, in addition to case studies, we will also facilitate the development of producer networks and foster an informal learning environment for producers to gather, share experiences, provide on-going peer support and encourage continued peer-to-peer learning.

Challenge 2. Limited data on the economics of grazingland management practices. 

Our Approach: In addition to in-depth case studies and peer networks, we will pursue competitive research grants through state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations and other funding sources to conduct meaningful ranch-scale economic analyses of grazing land management practices coupled with their associated ecological outcomes. We will engage ranchers throughout the research process to identify opportunities to produce useful and practical outcomes. Research findings will be published in peer-reviewed journal articles and disseminated through CGRM’s social media platforms and peer groups in accessible formats. 

Challenge 3. Limited information on the diversification of economic strategies. 

Our Approach: We will conduct in-depth case studies which will aid in identifying ranch-level profitability measures that are associated with increased diversification. Disseminating case study findings and facilitating field days on successful operations that have successfully diversified will allow producers to learn effective strategies to implement on their own operations. Additionally, peer groups and focus groups will provide ranchers with opportunities to discuss successes and failures with others and develop creative solutions to overcome challenges.